File Under Zawinul

Vincent Peirani accordion
Émile Parisien soprano saxophone
Manu Codjia guitar
Tony Paeleman fender rhodes
Linley Marthe bass
Mino Cinelu percussions
Aziz Sahmaoui vocals / percussions
Paco Séry drums
In 2017, it was 10 years that the famous jazz pianist and keyboardist Joe Zawinul died.
On this occasion, Emile Parisien and Vincent Peirani unveiled File under Zawinul. The idea of ​​this creation came from Emile Parisien’s experience in the Syndicate, a music band which was created in memory of Joe Zawinul. Naturally joined by his playmate the accordionist Vincent Peirani, they pay together a strong tribute to the pianist.
Obviously, Mister Zawinul’s indispensable fellow have participated in File under Zawinul. Joe’s favorite drummer, Paco Sery, but also the bassist Linley Marthe, who was deeply admired by the pianist, ensure an amazing rhythmic, accompanied by the magician and Caribbean percussionist Mino Cinelu. To supplement this high quality music group, another former Syndicate’s musician joins the band: the Moroccan singer and percussionist Aziz Sahmaoui who has played during over 10 years with Joe Zawinul.
Emile Parisien also crosses paths with Munir Manu Codjia, a guitarist and singer coming from Salvador Bahia, but above all an unclassifiable musician spicing up File under Zawinul with his play at the crossroads of many cultures. Finally, the band would not be fully complete without « the sound architect » Tony Paeleman, one of the greatest fender rhodes’ master.
From Brazil to the Mediterranean sea, passing through West Africa, to end up in France, these eight musicians celebrate the memory of the virtuoso pianist through an ode to the mixing of cultures and musical influences. Now boarding for the planet Zawinul!