Duo – Yamandu Costa

Yamandu Costa guitar
Vincent Peirani accordion


Regarded as the greatest Brazilian guitarist of today, Yamandu Costa is also one of the greatest Brazilian guitarists of all time, on a par with the likes of Baden Powell. No wonder he is adulated in his native country. He is totally inhabited by his music and every one of his concerts is an unforgettable moment of grace.
As for Vincent Peirani, he is currently snapped up by jazz and music venues all over the world! He is a prodigious accordionist, who is constantly exploring the rich possibilities of an instrument, all the secrets of which are only known to angels.
Undoubtedly this is a dynamite encounter between two extraordinary artists. On stage they create a world that goes beyond the music, enabling us to share in an experience that is quite exceptional! A real encounter, from which we are bound to come away different, with our heads full of melodies and rhythms that have come from the stars…