hr-Bigband / Vincent Peirani

Martin Auer : trumpet
Günter Bollmann : trombone
Hans Glawischnig : double bass
Rainer Heute : saxophone
Paul Höchstädter : drums
Manfred Honetschläger : trombone
Christian Jaksjø : trombone
Tony Lakatos : saxophone
Oliver Leicht : saxophone
Peter Reiter : piano
Heinz-Dieter Sauerborn : saxofone
Martin Scales : guitare
Axel Schlosser : trumpet
Thomas Vogel : trumpet
Steffen Weber : saxophone
Frank Wellert : trumpet

Jim McNeely : chef

Even when he is wearing a suit, Vincent Peirani plays barefoot. Such small “quirks”, added to his unique talent, have most certainly contributed to the fact that this native of Nice, born in the 1980s, has achieved star status in his own country and is increasingly well-known in Germany as well.
His impressive musical performances have already been rewarded many times, with the Golden Django trophy, prizes at the French “Victoires du Jazz”, two Echo Music Awards in Germany, and so on. Whether in duo with Michael Wollny or Émile Parisien, or with his electric quintet Living Being, Peirani gives his button accordion a balance and an expressiveness that free it from the yoke of nostalgia.
His varied influences, from musette to Monk, from classical music to rock, find a new enchantment in his music.
This time it is with a big band, more specifically with the wonderful hr-Big Band*, that the magic works!

*hr-Bigband is the big band of Hessischer Rundfunk, the public broadcasting network of the German state of Hesse.