Mixtape #1

Festival « Marseille Jazz des Cinq Continents »
July 2019

Around the world

First of the #Mixtape# series which, at the time, did not yet have that name.
A carte blanche proposed by the director of the festival, Hugues Kieffer, with the theme of music around the world, around “my world”.
I brought together musicians, most of whom I’d never played with before. Musicians from extremely different worlds, from different cultures, who brought all the beauty and richness of this meeting.
But what a difficulty to mix all this beautiful world!
I tried, as best as I could, to design a repertoire that was as cosmopolitan as possible, bearing in mind that we were playing for the Festival Jazz des 5 Continents, which makes even more sense!
We have been traveling to Estonia, England, Bosnia, Italy, Korea, Brazil, Mali, Afghanistan etc…

Ballaké Sissoko (Mali)


This Kora player has been involved in a number of very different incredible projects. He manages to play his instrument in music very far from his roots. His great openness to music in general makes him an atypical character and traditional musician (but not only!).

Basel Rajoub (Syria)

Duklar & Saxophone

Basel brings us the oriental touch which is, dare I say it, our icing on the cake.
Whether it’s its culture, but also its very personal sound, whether it’s on the Duklar or the soprano saxophone, Basel has the ability to take us right away into its universe, its roots.

Harold Lopez Nussa (Cuba)


I discovered Harold with his trio a few years ago. We played at the same festival. What I immediately liked about his playing was precisely this ability to “play” with the music, with his partners, as well as a great finesse and rigour. This playful yet very precise side touches me enormously. What a pleasure to “play” with him!

Vincent Segal (France)

Cello and Electric Bass

Both bassist and soloist, Vincent is the cornerstone of this project. His great musical culture and his qualities as an all-round musician make him an indispensable playing partner.

Stéphane Huchard (France)


An all-terrain drummer who is as comfortable with rock as he is with jazz, Stéphane is also a percussionist who allows him to navigate even more in the different themes of the evening.

Michele Rabbia (Italy)

Percussions & Effects

Our second sound architect, more used as a free electron who will surprise us live with his tools… Whether it’s percussion, transforming our sounds live, adding textures etc… With Eivind, they are two colorist musicians, important rhythmicians within this ensemble.

Eivind Aarset (Norway)

Electric guitar & Effects

Eivind, thanks to his great experience, his infinite culture, will allow music to go in other spheres, towards a dreamlike, tender and warm musical universe.


  1. SPIEGEL IM SPIEGEL (Arvo Pärt / Estonia)
  2. ALAN & CATHERINE’S WEDDING JIG (Kathryn Tickell / England)
  3. AMIR (Henri Texier / France)
  4. GRANA OD BORA (Trad. Bosniac)
  5. LO CHORO DI NAPOLI (Stefano Bollani / Italy)
  6. NINNA NANNA (Victor Alagna / Italy)
  7. ENZO (Vincent Peirani / France)
  8. ARIRANG (Trad. Corean)
  9. ASA BRANCA (Luiz Gonzaga / Brasil)
  10. DJAFAN MAGNI (Lansine Kouyate)
  11. LAÏLI DJAN (Trad. Afghanistan)
  12. B&H (Vincent Peirani / France)

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