Mixtape #2

Festival « Jazz au Fil de l'Oise »
November 2019


Second in the #Mixtapes# series, this time, an invitation by the director of the Festival Jazz Au Fil de l’Oise Isabelle Méchali.
In 2019, I had the chance to be the resident artist of the Jazz Au Fil de l’Oise festival. When we spoke with Isabelle Méchali, programmer for JAFO, I submitted this idea of mixing genres and styles, which she immediately embraced. And so it was with great pleasure that I wanted to try the experience again for JAFO in an even different form, with other people, to have new surprises, to be carried away by these musicians, their stories, their DNA through some of my compositions and other covers of my choice.

Basel Rajoub (Syria)

Duklar / Tarogato

Basel Rajoub, multi-instrumentalist wind player, born in Syria and currently living in Switzerland, he plays both in a western and eastern way. He has this double culture which he inserts in his music and which makes him absolutely original and unique. Always in search of new sounds, he works on the elaboration of wind instruments inspired by the Duduk, a wind instrument with a double reed.
For this concert, he will switch from Duklar to Tarogato with a few moments on the soprano.

Stéphane Édouard (India)


Stéphane Édouard, percussionist from South India, born in France. As comfortable with Michel Jonasz as he is with Dhafer Youssef, as with Sixun (jazz rock fusion) or Jaleo (flamenco fusion) to name just a few of the projects he collaborates on. Stéphane is an exceptional musician, because he is singular. He has a very personal set mixing oriental percussions, such as daf (iran), dholak (north india), with others rather latin cajon (South America), or African like gourds, tamas. It contributes enormously to the general colour of the group.

Federico Casagrande (Italy)


Federico Casagrande, the Italian from Treviso, has been exiled in Paris for several years now. After having a coffee with him, I offered him to go on tour with Youn Sun Nah, his usual guitarist being absent at the time. We hit it off right away. Federico is very open, he’s not afraid to go to new playgrounds, and he’s always looking for accuracy in his speech.

Christophe Wallemme (France)

Double bass

Christophe Wallemme on double bass, who also has this multi-culture engraved in him, having lived in France, Lebanon, India… Whether with his trio Prysm at the end of the 90’s or with Louis Winsberg, Stefano Di Batista, James Taylor, Françoise Hardy or David Linx, Christophe Wallemme is one of those all-terrain musicians who reassure and surprise at the same time. So it was very natural that I wanted to share this adventure with him.


  1. GUNUNG SEBATU (Vincent Peirani)
  2. AIR SONG #2 (Vincent Peirani)
  3. GRANA OD BORA (Trad. Bosniac)
  4. NOMAD’S SKY (Vincent Peirani)
  5. AMIR (Henri Texier)
  6. ARIRANG (Trad. Coréen)
  7. NOUCHKA (Vincent Peirani)
  8. WHITE MORNING (Vincent Peirani)
  9. PUTRI (Trad. Balinais)
  10. ENZO (Vincent Peirani)
  11. B&H (Vincent Peirani)


Live Mixtape #2