Peirani Portal

Michel Portal: clarinet
Vincent Peirani: accordion

Clarinettist, bandoneonist and saxophonist Michel Portal loves to create music with musicians hailing from a wide diversity of backgrounds.
The young accordionist Vincent Peirani, who trained as a classical clarinettist, loves to frequent popular as well as art music and contemporary music. He enjoys playing with contrast and surprise, and also with the obvious. Different types of music are thus audaciously blended to create a whirling vortex, magical in that it also reveals to us our own emotions.
Each concert (“something between jazz and popular music; things we love…”) comes as a surprise. The melodies that emerge, delicate and poetic or joyful and catchy, are constantly renewed. As in lacework, different strands are interwoven, perfect sounds meet and entwine; the audacities that stem from virtuosity are combined with old tunes with which we are all familiar.