Parisien Peirani Portal

Vincent Peirani: accordion
Émile Parisien: soprano saxophone
Michel Portal: clarinet

Émile Parisien, saxophone, and Vincent Peirani, accordion, have been playing together for several years now. Here they invite the legendary clarinettist Michel Portal to join them to form an exceptional, atypical and very creative jazz trio, with the two brilliant younger artists, both born in the ’80s and revealed at the French Victoires du Jazz, interacting freely with a giant of a musician, noted for his versatility and eclecticism, who clearly possesses the secret of eternal youth.
Three sensibilities. Music that unfurls in amazing cascades or unfolds in permeable intimacy. As much at home in traditional pieces as in improvisations, the trio fulfils its promise, with music that is inspired, creative, and impressive in its complexity.
The result is virtuosic and light; the music swirls, and the listener reels with delight!