Michael Wollny piano
Vincent Peirani accordion / accordina

Since their first Encounter in 2012, both musicians made a name for themselves in the others homecountry.These two much-lauded, and exceedingly busy musicians finally found some time together during which they could let their musical paths coincide. In “Tandem” they are to be heard exploring and expoiting all the sound possibilities of their instruments.
At one moment Wollny might be keeping quiet in some reassuring chords, but then he can break out into a fiercely wild passage, or he might lean into the piano to extract some muffled percussive sounds from it. As for Peirani, he can give the solidity and the seriousness of a church organ, but will also chirrup in little commentaries at the top of his instrument’s range, or deliver volleys and cascades of notes at improbable and probably illegal speeds.
This duo of superb musicians can simultaneously be highly refined, and yet completely off-the-wall. They are two of the brightest lights of the international firmament of jazz as seen through a European prism. They have also put down a marker with “Tandem”: their stellar collaboration is most definitely going places.