“Mixtape” stems from the accordionist Vincent Peirani’s desire to further his exploration of different styles of music and different musical cultures by bringing them together.
Extraordinarily open in his approach music, Vincent Peiran is known above all as a jazz musician, but he is just as much at home in classical music (he received a classical training: clarinet and accordion) as he is in every other field he approaches, from chanson to world music and pop.
Several festival organizers, impressed by his approach to music and eager to share the experience, have invited him to fulfil his wish.

Each performance features an unusual group of musicians in a repertoire consisting of original compositions or already existing pieces specially arranged for the occasion, thus creating a uniquely kaleidoscopic programme.

The “Mixtape” performances invite us to take part in a fascinating journey, in which the musicians, in the music they play, depart from the aesthetics generally associated with them.
“Mixtape” enables the musicians to give free rein to their expression in interpreting new pieces, re-interpreting older ones, and shifting and overstepping the boundaries of musical genres.